BERLIN: Pre-Post

Full disclosure: This post is a test (I leave Tuesday, Sept. 11, for Berlin). If photos and captions are not formatted correctly, I’ll get help.

This comes to you via the digital publishing software WordPress, and I’m still new to it. I was introduced to WordPress recently by Ken and Bina Cline, who are hiking the Camino as I write. On the website TwoClinesTraveling, they’re using WordPress to post photos and captions that invite viewers to share their journey along the coast from Porto, Portugal, to Santiago de Campostella, Spain. They’ve been kind enough to play “WordPress help desk” even en route.

What’s in my wallet? Germany is often seriously plastic-averse at small- to medium-size stores and restaurants, so I’m prepping for four weeks of cash transactions. At least Euros are easy to recognize. Coins and banknotes vary in color and size with value, and there are no coins and notes of the same value.
Anne spotted this idea in an article. I switched my lock screen photo for this photo of a note telling someone who found my phone how to return it. Depends entirely on the willingness of the finder to return the phone, of course. But it removes all obstacles immediately if the finder wants to return it.

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