Category: Paris

  • PARIS: The Road Once Taken

    During the half-dozen years I lived in Germany, I visited Paris often. It’s more convenient to fly now, but I’ll never forget the road trips. Less than seven hours from Bavaria at 25. That’s 25 years old.

  • PARIS: Canal Saint-Martin

    The Canal Saint-Martin is one of the quieter, cooler spots in Paris. Quieter because fewer tourists know the area; cooler because of shade trees and iron footbridges along the banks and cafes and quirky boutiques along the streets.

  • PARIS: Luxembourg Gardens

    The Luxembourg Gardens occupy 60 acres between between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, a wonderful example of what a big-city park can be.

  • PARIS: Scene on the Street

    Here’s what it looked like walking around the city. The sights, sounds and smells of Paris will hang around in memory.

  • PARIS: Scene Along the Seine

    Can’t be any place better to be a flaneur (dictionary says “flânerie” is the act of strolling) than in Paris and no place better in Paris than along the Seine.

  • PARIS: More Eiffel Tower

    It’s hard to separate thoughts of Paris from thoughts of the Eiffel Tower. Here are some additional views of the city’s most indelible symbol.

  • PARIS 2001

    We went to France to join in celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my sister-in-law’s parents. It has been nearly 20 years since we’ve been in Paris, but except for fire-scarred Notre Dame, it’s hard to believe these icons of the city have changed much.

  • PARIS: More Notre Dame

    After the 2019 fire that gutted the roof, it seems especially appropriate to admire Notre Dame, which dates to the 12th Century. Goal of the restorers is to re-open the cathedral by 2024, when France plays host to the Olympic games.