PARIS: Scene on the Street

Here’s what it looked like walking around the city. The sights, sounds and smells of Paris will hang around in memory.

This market unfolds five days a week (closed Sunday & Monday) at the foot of the Rue Mouffetard, in one of the oldest and liveliest parts of Paris and just steps from our hotel in the Rue Pascal.
The market is a feast of sights and smells. The street, which has been in use since Roman times, leads to the Place de la Contrescarpe and the cafe where we sat at curbside, sunning ourselves during the day or enjoying a serenade by street musicians during the evening.
A serious reader browses at the book stalls along the Seine.
For more current reading, a kiosk such as this one near the Arc de Triomphe offers newspapers and magazines.
We just thought the Hotel Baltimore deserved a nod for the colorful display.
Another facade that contributes to the beauty of Paris.
A door alone can be decorative art.
This French pouter watched us as we emerged from the Metro at Place de Clichy.
This restaurant was mobbed as we walked by en route to Sacre Coeur.
Sighting up Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe.
Up close, the fabled Arc is still a thrill to a tourist.
A solution to scarce, expensive parking in the big city.
Playing a living statue seems like a hard way to make a living.
On the other hand, so does art that won’t stand still.

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