COPENHAGEN: Scene on the Street

A post for photos of Copenhagen that don’t have anywhere else to go. Sometimes these are the most interesting impressions in the post.

Copenhagen’s most famous resident. The little mermaid from the Hans Christian Andersen tale.
The Little Mermaid is really little. But she’s a big draw, as you can see.
What was really astounding was how many of them had no lock.
Tourists and seamen stroll along Larsen Plad.
Anne on a bench on Larsen Plad.
Frederik’s Church, 18th-century Lutheran church that boasts the largest dome in Scandinavia.
“Ansgar” is a name seen all over town. Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen during the time of the Franks, Ansgar became known as the “Apostle of the North” for his efforts to bring Christianity to Northern Europe.

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