COPENHAGEN: Scene on the Street

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A post for photos of Copenhagen that don’t have anywhere else to go. Sometimes these are the most interesting impressions in the post.

Copenhagen’s most famous resident: The little mermaid from the Hans Christian Andersen tale.

The Little Mermaid is really little.

But she’s a big draw, as you can see.

What was really astounding was how many of them had no lock. Maybe no expensive trail-, electric- or cargo bikes so nobody wanted to steal them? Or is some kind of cultural norm going on?

Tourists and seamen stroll along Larsen Plad.

Anne on a bench on Larsen Plad.

Frederik’s Church, 18th-century Lutheran church that boasts the largest dome in Scandinavia.

“Ansgar” is a name seen all over town. Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen during the time of the Franks, Ansgar became known as the “Apostle of the North” for his efforts to bring Christianity to Northern Europe.


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