History is notoriously tough on castles, and Schloss Bergedorf is no exception. A “castle” has stood on this spot, about 10 miles southeast of Hamburg center, since the first quarter of the 13th Century. But since then, war and other developments have led to a series of changes in design and ownership.

One guidebook calls this “Hamburg’s castle,” although it really isn’t a castle. It’s a museum and administrative center. It is in Hamburg, though, in the largest of the city’s seven boroughs. It’s also on Hamburg’s light-rail line, an easy 25 minutes from the big city’s main train station.
The medieval Gothic structure took its current form in about 1900. In the 1950s, it became an administrative center for a four-county region.
A leafy glade and red-brick turret add their charm to the grounds.
The entrance leads to an inner courtyard and cafe.
A tiled stove in the museum.
Polished wood-paneled room.
Office of the former lord of the manor.
A stream outside the main building attracts sunbathers and readers.
Brightly colored flowers are a central feature of the lush grounds.
The castle grounds offer many opportunities for a quiet moment in the sun.
The plaque says Brahms played in a club in the nearby village.

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