Lisbon was the second European city Anne and I visited to attend a Rotary International convention. The dome is the convention center, right on the river’s edge.
St. George Castle sits on the highest hill in the city and can be seen from almost everywhere in Lisbon.
The Monument to the Discoveries is a tangible link to Portugal’s magnificent maritime history.
The fabulously ornate Jeronimos Monastery was placed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1983.
A 17,000-item maritime museum with life-size ancient ships seems fitting for a nation whose empire was based on seafaring.
The defensive fortification Belem Tower was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list at the same time as Jeronimos Monastery.
The center of Lisbon’s 10-lane Avenue of Liberty, created out of a park.
Lisbon’s old-world charm can be found just a block off wide, traffic-filled thoroughfares.
The city’s oceanarium integrates the salt-water environment of the Tagus estuary.

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