Copenhagen (pop. about 600,000) sits on two islands in the Baltic Sea, and life there seems a continuous conversation among canals, harbor and sea.

Colorful Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen.
This tour boat looked as if it were going to ram us, but we passed port to port.
Both new watercraft and old are integral parts of Copenhagen harbor.
The Renaissance-era Rosenborg Castle, surrounded by gardens and home to the crown jewels.
Tivoli’s charm accounts for its fame worldwide.
The little mermaid is really little. She’s right in front of this fellow’s camera.
Denmark is a kingdom, and Amalienborg is the royal family’s residence.
The Citadel, a fortification begun in the 17th Century.
To many, Kronborg is Elsinore, Shakespeare’s setting for “Hamlet.”
Sofiero, former summer residence of the Swedish royal family, is famed today for flowers.
An actor plays fairytale master Hans Christian Andersen for Rotarians at the convention hall. Here, he breaks out into the song, “There Once Was an Ugly Duckling.”