BERLIN: Gen. Clay’s House

Gen. Lucius D. Clay was known for his administration of occupied Germany after WWII. He was commander-in-chief of U.S. forces in Europe and military governor of the U.S. Zone, Germany, 1947-49. While I waited for the ex-NSA listening station on the Teufelsberg to open, I tried to find his Berlin residence.

The address is Im Dol 48. This is the street, an upper class neighborhood of suburban Dahlem.
That address is behind 100 yards of steel fence.
But this is the place. The guardhouse has a plaque noting that Clay lived here.The plaque calls Clay “father of the Berlin Airlift.” The American “Luftbrücke” (air bridge) as the Germans call it, supplied West Berlin with food and other critical supplies during 1948 and 1949, after the Soviets cut off road, rail and canal access to the U.S., British and French sectors of the city.
It may be fall, but the leaves haven’t fallen yet, making it difficult to see the house.
Today the property is home to the Morrocan ambassador to Germany.

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