LISBON: The Avenue

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Not a park — a city street. The Avenida da Liberdade (Avenue of Liberty) has long been considered the heart of Lisbon and its most prestigious address.

This is part of a long “park” that runs down the middle of a major avenue, Avenida Liberdade, multi-laned on both sides. Lisbon residents commonly refer to the boulevard simply as “a Avenida” (the Avenue).

The avenue was built in 1879, when a former park was turned into a major thoroughfare modeled on the boulevards of Paris.

The park, with a stream running through it, stretched for blocks. The avenue’s 10 vehicle lanes are divided down the center by pedestrian walkways decorated with gardens.

Walkways and pedestrian roundabouts show off the traditional Portuguese pavement.

The park-like center is decorated with monuments and statues that pay homage to people important to Lisbon residents.


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