HAMBURG: Warehouse City

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Hamburg’s Warehouse City (Speicherstadt) is the largest contiguous warehouse district in the world. The structures that survived WWII, built on the water on timber-pile foundations, are regarded as outstanding examples of industrial Neo-Gothic architecture.

Red brick is the face of Warehouse City, which was placed on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in 2015.

The classic facades of warehouses built on canals to facilitate loading and unloading of ships.

Between these two rows of warehouses sits the picturesque Water Castle (Wasserschloss), which houses a tea “counting house” (Teekontor) shop and a restaurant.

We took a seat at a table on the terrace at this end of the Wasserschloss.

Alas, the red carpet was not for us. We were asked to leave the restaurant because it was being readied for a wedding reception. The couple exiting came out of the tea shop door to the right of the carpet.

A boat passes below one of Hamburg’s many bridges. St. Katherine’s is in the background.

The most important church in Warehouse City is massive St. Katherine’s, where incidentally, a wedding was taking place.

The warehouse district also contains the modern-looking glass-tower offices of Der Spiegel, the nation’s largest-circulation weekly magazine.


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