HAMBURG: Plants and Flowers

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The “green heart” of Hamburg is its largest park, called “Plants and Flowers” (Planten und Blomen). It runs from St. Pauli, near the harbor, up through the center of the city.

A little astonishing to find this much green in the middle of Germany’s second-largest city.

Walking from one end of the park to the other can take the best part of an afternoon.

A private moment in the public space.

Planten un Blomen features little gardens, a stream, fields to relax in and miles of flowers.

During WWII, bomb shelters were carved out under the park. Today the entrances are bricked over. The openings permit bats to make their own shelters there.

Photo: Anne Swift

Sometimes nature and humankind combine to create art.

Ready to relax? Threatening rain all day created plenty of quiet, private space.


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