BERLIN: Mauer (wall) Power

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The East Side Gallery is one of the biggest tourist magnets in the formerly divided city. This is what the west side of the wall looked like — then and now.

The wall graffiti goes on for blocks …

and blocks.

This artist shines in a different medium, but the wall still is pulling the audience.

Tourists own the sidewalks in front of the graffiti.

And they’re pretty good about yielding to each other’s desire for a clear shot of the wall.


In a dissident’s medium, dissidents are honored. Especially a Soviet scientist and human-rights champion who won the Nobel Prize.

The graffiti seems pretty good to this untrained eye.

Even the east (back) side of the wall gets the treatment.

Probably the most famous segment of the Wall. Dmitri Vrubel created the painting above in 1990, reproducing a photograph of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German leader Erich Honecker in a fraternal embrace in 1979.

“Kunst” is art; “Kunstler” is artist; “kunstlerisch” is artistic.

Extra credit for adding a contemporary element?


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