PARIS: Luxembourg Gardens

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The Luxembourg Gardens occupy 60 acres between between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, a wonderful example of what a big-city park can be.

Created in 1612, the gardens were inspired by the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

There are French gardens and English gardens with a forest and large pond between them. In the English garden, man was supposed to be aligning with nature. In the French, the formal structure seemed to say man wanted to dominate. The English approach was easier to maintain and cost less.

Most important, the greenery creates an oasis in the midst of the busy city.

Strolling in the park is cool on a sunny day in the city.

Kicking off your sandals and relaxing in the sun is what a big-city park is for.

Remote control without the electronics.

The gardens offer many activities to engage children, including puppets, rides and slides.

The gardens feature more than 100 statues.


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  1. Becks Avatar

    Great photos! I remember visiting here when I was in Paris, but it really reminds me of a few different scenes in movies with the kids playing with the boats in the water. Such a lovely vibe!

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