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Rosenborg is a Renaissance palace, with gardens and museum, in the Danish capital. The palace houses the crown jewels.

Just before reaching the palace gate, we peeked into this Smørrebrød (“butter and bread”) restaurant. Google says Smørrebrød is a traditional Scandinavian open-faced sandwich topped with cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads and garnishes.

The main gate to Rosenborg was right next to the restaurant.

Gate and ornate facade of the palace.

To city residents, the grounds are a big park.

Children love the low limbs of the trees. 

Except for the modern bike, the grounds could serve for an impressionist painting.

The well-tended lawns make a great place for a picnic. The stone up front is too big for a cannonball, right?

The palace viewed from the garden.


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